Monday, December 26, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

We had a really lovely Christmas. For Christmas eve, we started at 6:30a.m., which is about the time we usually start anyway. There were gift baskets to make, presents to wrap and food to cook. We made homemade pasta for lasagna (from flour I milled and eggs we grew) to bring to a family celebration. If I do say so, it was delicious. On top of that, Kim was practically a full time baker with the number of breads she made. Also delicious. Making things from scratch is undoubtedly more time consuming, but there is a rhythm to cooking things slowly and it was well worth it. We buzzed about our tiny kitchen, doing dishes in between rounds of oven shuffling. It was an evening filled with good food, good company and even a reading of the Night Before Christmas.

Christmas day was slightly less busy, but only slightly. We were terribly spoiled with thoughtful gifts, and came in second in a family trivia contest. It seems as though everyone enjoyed their homemade gifts, and I don't think either of us is sad to have a break from our knitting needles now that Christmas is over. We started making gifts in June with canning, and knitting started in July. Luckily enough, the cabin we currently rent is next door to an amazing yarn shop. Even though we had great yarn to work with and planned ahead, Santa's sweatshop needs a break.

We had really, really wanted to spend Christmas at the new farm. This obviously wasn't going to happen given that we only got power on last Tuesday. Our last day in the cabin is officially January 15th, and I'm counting the minutes- with anticipation and nerves.

We have packing to do, but the house also isn't currently livable just yet. The contractors were up there working on Friday, installing a new water pump. When we called for an update today, we found out that even with the new pump there just wasn't very much water pressure. So we went up there to try and track down the spring-source for the house. The house doesn't have a well- it's just spring fed. Well, we found the source- annnnnddd about three feet of silt over the pipe. After consulting with Kim's dad, who has a similar water set up, there is nothing to do but hand bucket out the silt and then try to snake out the pipe. We're losing time to clean/paint and finish the indoor maintenance, which we can't do without water. The plumber seems helpful- but doesn't have that much experience with this type of system. I'm nervous about getting it running and we are going to have to call the previous owners to be sure that the spring we found is the correct one.No one is going to bucket out that silt but us, either. I don't mind doing it but trying to find the time to do that and coordinate with the plumber is tricky and frustrating.

We also still don't have heat. There were some hiccups with the stove location, and we are just crossing our fingers at this point that it gets done this week.

It's just one of those days, where despite the feeling deep in our bones that this is what we are meant to be doing getting it done feels impossible. I want more time, and to be present when the contractors are starting and working on projects. Maybe it's the control freak in me, but I just feel like things have been at a molasses pace. It's also the week between Christmas and New Year's, which means that no one really wants to be working.

I know these feelings will pass, and I hope we will find solutions quickly to the various speed bumps to necessities in the house. But for tonight, a glass of chocolate red wine (a gift) is in order and allowing ourselves to feel a bit weary. I think that maybe recognizing the frustration will help us keep moving.

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