Saturday, December 17, 2011


Getting the farm house running is finally starting to look like a reality. Central Hudson gave us a date after 6 weeks of calling near daily for them to come and install electric meters. Once the meters are installed, they can turn on the power. Power = hot water. It also means our contractor, who has been standing by for weeks can install the wood stove we refinished, get the plumbing up to speed, and, of course, the lights.

Since we are still without these little essentials, we are closing in on the work we can actually get done. The house desperately needs the kind of cleaning that requires shop-vacs and exceptionally hot water. I wouldn't say no to the convenience of a belt sander for refinishing some of the floors either. And of course, the cold doesn't help us to pull the kind of long hours we would like. So tomorrow may be a short work day. I don't mind working in the chilly weather, but when there is very little progress to be made without essentials (it's too cold for the paint even to dry properly) it just makes you feel defeated. So keep your fingers crossed folks, we are anxious to really get to work.

Of course, renovating the farm and building our business just isn't enough. We are also planning our wedding. So today we took a trek down to the potential caterer for some sampling. I can't actually remember the last time we went out for a meal that wasn't pizza. It was really great, and included fresh homemade potato chips. I think we're sold as long as they give us a price we can handle.

Oh, and it's a week til Christmas. We've been making gifts since early July, and aren't quite done. We are holed up this evening finishing up and wrapping. We have packages ready to ship on Monday to loved ones we won't see. As I mentioned earlier, we aren't religious. But we do believe in showing that you care, and celebrating family. Plus, we love to give presents. I like the cold weather, it makes the ground look refreshed and ready to be worked another season. I like glowing lights. I don't like spending copious amounts of money we don't have. But I do like eating chocolate chip cookies and watching White Christmas with my in-law family (which was our Friday night). We're kind of old fashioned in that way, I guess.

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