Sunday, December 11, 2011

We get by with a little help from our friends

Weekends are not a time of rest for most farmers, and we are no exception.

Right now, we both hold full time jobs during the week, so Saturday and Sunday are crucial catch-up days.

This weekend was much chillier then last, so on Saturday morning we dressed in thermals and snow gear to head up to the farm for the day. We had a quick lunch packed, and new pandora station programmed in the iPhone (yep, still tech geeks, even with the livestock).

The goal was the removal of some hideous wall paper and to begin clean up. By noon we were frozen through, and ate lunch in the truck with no real ambitions to continue on much longer. Temporarily encouraged by some homemade brownies, we pressed on. The work is fun and worthwhile, but we were losing feeling in our toes despite the many layers.

Just then, Kim's aunt appeared with heat, some additional tools and an abundance of good cheer to move forward. After setting up a new propane heater, she kindly assisted in the preliminary clean up and offered words of wisdom of the value of sweat equity amongst other things. It was, in no other words, ( and from someone with no religion )-- a godsend. With her help and motivation the afternoon passed quickly and productively.

The reward for our labor was that we spent the evening getting into the Christmas spirit and decorating our current abode. The electric company has made our move impossible before the first if the year. We may as well make the best if it!

We decided to spend Sunday resting, as we had been going so many days in a row we had lost count. The work of a farm, and rural living in general... is never ending. If you don't practice self care, it will swallow you whole. Even satisfying work requires a recharge day. Well, at least that was the plan.

Our "rest day" looked like this:
-Dog awake at 6 to pee
-Both dogs so nuts we walked them at 7
-Quick breakfast
- Start chilli for dinner
-Water rabbits
- Two loads of laundry at generous in-laws
- Retrieve hay from barn, feed sheep and give grain
- Collect eggs and feed chickens
- Move rabbit hutch, set up heat lamp for night time, feed
- Put up porch Christmas lights
- Dishes and house hold chores
- Clean cat boxes, feed, fresh water
- Make Christmas cards
- Work on gifts (we make all of our gifts)
- Dinner for dogs and people

Now we are curled up, with cocoa and the latest in our own little movie marathon. Sure, it could have been more restful in a traditional sense. But our bellies are full, our laundry is folded and all of the animals are content. We got a bit of holiday cheer, and all is well. I'll take it.


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  2. This its going to be wonderful. I'm so excited for you! It has been my dream to buy and fix up an old farm house as well, but school is preventing me from doing much else right now so I am delighted to be able to live vicariously through you! More house pictures please! Take plenty of "before" and "during" pictures. You will want to remember the process in look back at how far you have come together.

  3. Thanks! We will be sure to post more pics ASAP! There are a few more in our fb page also:)