Monday, December 19, 2011

What's that you say? Electricity?

Oh yes. theory. Tomorrow we've got an appointment with Central Hudson to come out to the farm house and hook up the electricity. You've read about our (mis)adventures with them previously, so to say I'm skeptical is an understatement. BUT, I'm trying to stay positive about this, so tomorrow I'll be out at the house with my coffee mug and a smile....waiting for my promised power.

With power, we'll be able to install the woodstove and get the water flowing. And then....the MAJOR CLEAN begins. I'm going to start referring to it as the MAJOR CLEAN because it denotes the sheer size of the job and it makes me think of a mop with a mustache and military hat. Two-fer. The MAJOR CLEAN will entail buckets of bleach and water, more or less sloshed in every corner of the house and scrubbing the walls, floors and ceilings to prep for the painting. The MAJOR CLEAN will be followed by the SUPER PAINTING EXTRAVAGANZA. More on that though when we get there. No carts will be put before horses in this project....I get too excited.

More to come when we've established that we're allowed to have the lights turned on. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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