Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meat Share Order Form

Meat CSA Order Form

R’Eisen Shine Farm is a small diversified farm focused on the well being of the environment, people and animals. We strive to provide the best tasting meat at a reasonable price to our community members, while keeping our growing practices as close to the natural behaviors of our livestock as possible. We believe you can really taste the difference!

We raise all of our livestock using rotational grazing, and work with a local feed mill to provide high quality supplemental feed. We believe strongly in the effects of stress on the quality of life for all of our livestock, and seek to reduce that stress wherever possible. We also plan our growing season specifically around the demand for our products. By joining our Meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, you are helping defer the significant costs of farming,supporting a small business and ensuring you will receive delicious products at a fair price. You are also helping manage the stress of the animals we raise by committing to their purchase ahead of time, which allows us at R’Eisen Shine to use custom on-site slaughtering for all of our livestock- avoiding the stress and pathogens associated with livestock transport to a typical slaughterhouse.

Please select your share option(s) below, for multiples of the same share, indicate the number needed in the box given:

Monthly Meat Share                                                              Heritage Poultry Share 
May-September (5 deliveries)                                               May-September (5 deliveries)
$260                                                                           $368

Bi-weekly Meat Share                                                         Poultry Share
May-September (10 deliveries)                                           May-September (5 deliveries)
$470                                                                         $328     

Please Circle Your Delivery/Pick Up Location:

Capital District                                       Lineage Farm Brooklyn Delivery

Copake                                                  Lineage Farm Poughkeepsie Delivery


Phone and Email:

I understand that I am responsible for picking up my share during the specified time/location. If I am unable to pick up my share or send a representative and do not contact the farm within a 48 hour notice period, I may not be able to get replacement product. I understand that all shares are non-refundable after the first delivery. I understand that I am becoming a co-owner of live animals, once I have paid. All of the responsibilities, including butchering shall be at the sole discretion of the farmer co-owners at R’Eisen Shine Farm. I understand that there may be some variation in the types of products in my share, but I will receive the full value of the share I have purchased. I understand that I am awesome for supporting small, sustainable agriculture!


Total Cost of Shares Ordered:
You must pay at least 50% of your total cost. The remainder of the cost is due at the time of the first delivery, however special arrangements can be made through contacting the farmers. Paypal is also an option, contact us for details. If you are having trouble printing, an email copy of this form is always available!

Total Amount Included:

Remit Form and Payment to:
R’Eisen Shine Farm
133 Under Mountain Rd
Copake, NY 12516