Monday, January 23, 2012


The weekend didn't come soon enough, and ended much too quickly. Unfortunately, my day job required my presence for a bit on Saturday, and the snow made our travel slower. That being said, we managed to get the kitchen sink working, the kitchen totally unpacked, the shower working for longer than three minutes, the closet started to put together, and some favorite hangings up on the wall.

The farm is feeling much more like home, and the to-do list isn't getting shorter, but at least we have a plan!

We called a time-out on Sunday afternoon, we haven't really slowed down since before Christmas. I poured over the FEDCO seed catalog, which is like smelling cookies but not being able to eat them. We have a few CSA deposits in, so we should be able to cover our order in the next few weeks. We still have some spots available for next season too, and I'm hoping folks will let us know soon of their intentions.

Today it's back to the day job, though soon I know the farm will buzzing with all of the joys and trails of spring preparation followed by summer Lin hours. For now though, the light snow coating over the ground looks like a welcome fresh start, a promise of a great new year.

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