Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year- New Paint

Well, the shorter version is: we still have no water but now we have the right contractor on the case. On Friday, we were essentially told there was no way we would ever get water from the spring to the house. Tears, fears etc ensued. But we just weren't convinced, especially after calling the previous owner and finding out that this had never before been an issue. So early Saturday morning, we called every name in the book and gave them the scenario. We finally found someone who had worked with a spring fed system and after a quick check feels good about getting it really up and running (including a hot water heater) ASAP.

All of this drama canceled our plans to go visit close friends for New Years. It meant an exceptionally quiet night for us, with taco dip and barely making it to the midnight hour. We have such big plans for 2012 though, that maybe bringing the year in quietly is a bit poetic.

Today, we furiously worked on getting some paint up. Now that the necessities are closer in line we have less than two weeks to get the house up to move-in condition.

Enjoy the views!
Before fresh paint

The first coat

Two coats of wall paint, one coat on the trim
Luxury porch furniture for lunch-time! Ceiling is still in-process.

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