Thursday, March 1, 2012

CSA fairs, and napping.

The snow is still falling here. There hasn't been a huge amount of accumulation, but there is a sheen of ice on everything. We had to make a run out today for allergy medicine for our special needs dog. The roads looked safe enough, and I was even considering heading to the day job for a bit. Half way down the road though, the combination of lousy tires and black ice had the truck transformed practically into a sled. So, now we are settled in. There is a CSA fair this weekend, so we have been prepping materials for our display/handouts.

I have fantasies of maybe even getting in a nap today, which is like forbidden fruit with how busy things have been. I only have one more day of my current day job left, then it's our farm full time. This is a dream come true. But there are also so many materials to obtain, and organizing that needs to happen. We've been working straight through until at least 8 o'clock (5:30 am alarm start) this week with various research projects and supply orders. The greenhouse materials arrived today. I ordered bees and a hive set up last night. More chicks are coming in one week. We have a rabbit set to kindle either tomorrow or the next day. The seed planting schedule is written through June. We have priced out the irrigation supplies and rain water collection materials, and have plans to borrow a surveyor's measuring tape to finish the fencing order this week. Things are coming together. So now with a little bit of extra time today, we are indulging in some left over chicken with biscuits, brownies, maybe a dark brew later- and yes- I think a nap.

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