Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring, Ahead

Wow. That week flew by. I am humbled by the amount of work that was not accomplished. Seriously. I threw myself into the tasks each day, and while I feel good about the progress made, the sheer amount of things undone are astounding. I could recite all of the various chores and such that managed to see completion, but it might bore those of you who don't farm on a regular basis.

So, here are some highlights:
-Intermediate pen constructed for chicks within larger chicken coop
-Outdoor pen (complete with chicken jungle gym ladder) for layers set up
-Fencing started
-4 more rabbits added to rabbitry
-greenhouses assembled

I've spent a lot of time thinking about resources this week. We are using the CSA deposits to get all of the supplies we need for this season. My salary from the farm will not kick in until June, we've planned accordingly. So far, with serious frugality, we have made it work. It has meant that sometimes I can't do things for the farm that are permanent, but will do the job until we can save the money to make full modifications. For example, we bought tiered-shelf greenhouses for our seed starts. Not ideal. But we have a screened-in sun-porch that can be easily converted into an incredible greenhouse- once the funds are there. So for seed starts, we will use this little guys, rather than spend more building anything grandiose. They will come in handy for herbs and such even when the greenhouse conversion is done, which should be before the winter (and will mean really good greens and such once it's done, and it can be heated by installing a second wood stove in our kitchen). It also means that I had to re-think our entire fencing concept. Including switching to all electric vs. field fence. But it's all about doing the best we can with what we have, and keeping the deposits manageable for our members. We could have require more payments, but it seemed like that would create an accessibility issue. So here we are.

A good first week, and it's not done yet. Tomorrow is Kim's birthday celebration, so we will be focusing on that, but I plan to get some more fencing done Sunday if possible. It feels good.

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