Friday, March 2, 2012

Why raised beds?

We recently applied for a grant through raising organic family farms to help defer the cost of raised beds for the farm. Part of the grant is a 'farm favorite' component where you can vote for us through Facebook! (see our page for the link, it won't embed from my phone right now).

I wanted to take a minute and explain why raised beds are so important to our operation.

As you know, this year I will be only person working out farm full time. And we will not be spending tons of money on machinery that will burn up fossil fuels and cause me headaches to fix. So we need to maximize my time, and keeping raised beds disease and weed free is substantially less time consuming. Plus, since this is the first year we are working the land, we can better control soil quality by using certified organic soils in raised beds. We know that the land we have for this season hasn't been sprayed or unnaturally fertilized, but we also know its very rocky and hasn't supported veg growth in a long time.

Raised beds have also been recorded to have higher yields, probably because they are so much easier to keep weed/disease free. We need the highest yields possible of course. Raised beds are easier to hand till, and control water levels in my experience.

Perhaps most importantly, raised beds fit with our larger non profit goals. Eventually we want the farm to be accessible to folks with physical limitations. Raised beds allow for wheelchair access when set up properly, and would help us maintain safe pathways through the fields. Plus they are easier in the back for everyone. It is really important for us to plan for our long term goals, so regardless of the grant we have to start putting in raised beds that can be converted down the road to be high enough for wheel chairs if we can't do it now.

So please take a min and vote for us!

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