Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Catching up

It seems like this is literally the first chance I've had to blog in ages. The rain is offering a rare window of time where I'm not out in the vegetable field prepping ground.

So far, things are plugging along, though the three nights in a row with freeze warnings didn't do us any favors. We have peas, greens, scallions and potatoes in so far. It seems I neglected to order onion sets, so I am placing a new order and will get some in very quickly. The hand plow, though slow, works the ground well. Each strip of earth in between the living mulch is pretty sod free and well turned. There are absolutely less well tilled plots in the area that have all the aides of mechanics. Though I'm hoping the budget clears up a bit for some equipment aid in the near future. We just need some additional tools.

Our wedding is Saturday! It crept up on us and barreled here simultaneously!! This means I'm trying to fit all of the farm work in, and get the grounds prepped for the impending arrival of house guests. So even with the rain, it's maddeningly busy. But in a very exciting way, the kind of busy that's drunk on hope and excitement.

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