Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flying Solo

We are a bit behind in planting as of right this moment, though nothing to fret too much about. It certainly goes much faster when Kim is home too. Working alone doesn't bother me, I just prefer to have the company of my wonderful wife. Sure, it's hokey, but it's just a fact. There is not much better than sharing the day with someone who believes in the work as much as you do. Plus, we get double done, and lord knows there is so much to do.

Right now is the most intense of the planting season. There is a list of seeds waiting their turn into that turned dirt, and seedlings pushing the limits of their starter pots. Plus, those crops that are already in need tending, the potato plants already need to be hilled up! You hill potatoes at about 6 and 12 inches, this keeps the new potatoes covered up and the plants healthy.

I'm losing a battle of the wills with our lawn tractor, and the major suffering of this is the aesthetic of our field. It's nearly hip high, and though I've picked the brains of those with more skill then me, no one can figure out exactly why the damn thing is chewing up deck belts faster than a piece of bubble gum. I've already done some engine maintenance, electric work, and general care, so it's running great. But, it's not supposed to be a method of transportation, it's supposed to cut the damn grass. I think it's probably time to take it in for someone else to waste time on, but I hate to spend the money- or wait two weeks to fix it. It's frustrating.

Plus, it's really a time waster to have to cut our front and the living mulch with our push mower. I don't mind the work, but this time of the year isn't a moseying time. Things like this drive me bonkers. You just can't get yourself worked up about this stuff though, because then you end up wasting more time stressing then working. We just keep it moving around here, if things are working right- you just do what you can while there is still daylight and sleep on it. Tomorrow the work will be there, and maybe some new ideas to try too.

We had some birds rob our first planting of shell peas, plucking the little sprouts right from the ground. We re-seeded, so hopefully we will still get a decent crop. There is really no good way to deter the birds, maybe a good old fashioned scarecrow is in order.

I'm going to try and weed a bit this afternoon, the rain keeps coming, but so do the weeds! I can't mow down new paths to plow in this weather, so it's all about keeping whats already planted happy and growing.

The new layer hens are settling in, and the layer chicks we started earlier this spring are almost big enough to join the ladies in the big girl pen. I'd like to get them moved over later this week to clear some barn space for the march of meat birds. And, turkey ordering is literally just around the corner. There is a whole mess of work to do to get ready for them too.


  1. keep up the good work! and for what it's worth, i believe there's a derby scarecrow in existence somewhere...

  2. Oh man! We should recreate such a scarecrow.