Tuesday, May 8, 2012


If anyone needs us, we will be scowling at the rain, working through the mist and taking breaks for other chores when it's pouring.

We are doing ok with keeping pace with the season, but need to really push to keep on pace and get everything in the ground on time.I have hopes to get the following in this week:
Garbanzo beans
More carrots

Peas are coming, slow and steady. Greens too, I'm hopeful for a good amount for the first few weeks of the CSA. We are looking into more layers, we definitely need more dedicated ladies to keep everyone in eggs. 15 dollars a bird seems high, but the 17 we have won't be laying steady until July. I think we still need 15-20 to get where we should be.

We took yesterday off in honor of our wedding, teasingly calling it or 'mini-moon'. It was a glorious display of laziness, and I'm refusing to feel guilty for this small reveling.

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