Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rabbits, chickens, and vegetables

We had bred two new Rex does about a month ago, hoping for some nice crosses. Both girls increased water and pellet intake, and gained a bit of weight....but no kits. They are young, so it was probably just regular growth, though one gal needs to lose a bit if we want a good breeding chance. Usually with rabbits, it's a sure bet they are bred, but sometimes with new does you can get a fake out. I re bred them yesterday, and one of our more reliable does, so hopefully we are good now. We have a 7 week old batch growing great and another due for processing in about 3 weeks.

Chickens, we are wealthy in. The rain has set my schedule to finish up a new chicken tractor (moveable pen) for today, hopefully I can finish it up in between downpours. I built the frame under cover in sections yesterday. Now that it's all assembled though, it's unwieldy to fit in the garage to place the wire.

Kim and I got the rest of our early brassicas in this weekend. And, a nice test row of black garbanzo beans. I'm excited to see how they do, we have a couple of dry bean varieties that I have hopes will be really nice supplements to winter share deliveries.

This week, I'd like to get in more salad ingredients, radishes, second lettuce platings, more scallions. I need some clear days though, hand plowing I. The rain is as miserable and useless as it sounds. Plus, I need to cut down the field first and you cant mow in a downpour. I admit that mostly, our farm is run on sheer willpower, but even we can't willpower the weather away.

So, we will see. We have a rare treat planned on Friday, so we will be off-farm and making up the work over the weekend. It's really hard for us to take breaks, but as much joy as the farm brings us, we need it. Otherwise, we can't appreciate the joy and beauty here. And that would be a shame, so relaxing it is!


  1. i'm curious what your treat was... and i hope you enjoyed it.

  2. The treat was new tattoos! We had them planned since before our wedding. A great artist and friend of ours in Cobleskill did them.