Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Typical Day

5:45- alarm goes off (from a hungry rooster named Todd)
5:45-6:10- coffee is started, dogs let outside, boots pulled on
6:10-7:20 (7:45ish if only one is doing chores)- layers let out of coop, 2 gallons of water, and feed. Sheep given grain, moved out to ties on pasture. meat birds in barn fed, 1 gallon of water, baby layers fed, 1 gallon of water, door to outside pen opened. Fresh bedding for all. Then out to the field with ten gallons of water to unstake, move, feed, water, and re-stake both chicken tractors. Rabbits fed, watered, cleaned out and given fresh shavings under cage drops. Brooders get fresh water, feed and fresh bedding.
7:20-8:15- Check email, drink coffee, eat breakfast (eggs and toast usually$ change clothes, pack Kim's lunch.
8:15-12:00- field work, field work, field work
12:00-12:45ish- lunch, business emails, blog postings.
12:45-4:15- check sheep on ties, move if necessary, field work, field work, field work.
4:15-5:15 evening chores, see morning chores, minus bedding. Add feeding cats and dogs. Maybe start dinner.
5:15-6:30- weeding, setting up projects for the next day, seedling care.
6:30-7:30 sometimes work, sometimes dinner
7:30-8:30- dinner/shower
8:45- Lock up hens, close up barn
9:00- Bed.

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