Tuesday, June 19, 2012

27 and counting....

After two weeks of deliveries, I'm finally feeling like we are finding rhythm in prep work for the CSA. We invested some of the share payments into some new equipment, including a rototiller that is doubling the speed at which I can get things done. There is absolutely still an enormous amount of work to do, and there is no time for dawdling- but I'm still happy with the progress and the streamlining that's happening.

I'm also really excited to have some company to help this weekend!! We have shareholders coming on Saturday, who work for a discount on their year's share, and then friends visiting later in the day. We had a surprise delivery of 300 bales of hay- which I'm kind of desperate to get under cover and in the barn ASAP. How does one have a surprise delivery of 300 bales? Well, when your father in law is a hobbyist hay farmer, sometimes he forgets to tell you he made you hay and shows up with a dump truck and trailer full, surprised you're not ready to stack it at 8:30pm. Problem of privilege, so we aren't complaining.

Today I'm doing a little butchering, just taking care of the orders I have for tomorrow. We want to deliver fresh chicken and rabbit both days this week, so I'm doing a limited batch since fresh won't keep until Saturdays delivery. I'm thrilled to say that everyone who has tried rabbit has absolutely loved it! We're upping the breeding here like crazy since the demand seems to be high. We've been battling a mysterious predator who has been stealing meat birds, so we making modifications to the tractors and leaving the radio on overnight. Maybe the music will make the chickens taste better, who knows!

We hope to pick up another lamb on Friday, I want to raise a good one for butchering. Kim's uncle is a farmer and is graciously helping us out with one of his Suffolk ewes, a breed twice the size of the girls we have now. It will be interesting to see how our two trouble makers make friends with the new lady, I'm hoping she gives them a run for their spoiled money. We are also going to be purchasing another Jacob ewe (like our Maybell) to raise for breeding. Maybell is going to be bred in August. Sheep are probably my favorite livestock, I find them hilarious, though meddlesome. Plus, I really love to eat lamb. IF all goes as planned, we might up the flock and offer specials for the CSA. We'll see though, I don't want us to over commit.

Yesterday was my first birthday on the farm. It means a lot to me to be starting 27 working full time for us, at a place we love. If you'd asked me at 24 if this was possible, I'd have said probably not. Glad to be proving myself wrong. 

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