Monday, June 4, 2012

Knowing what you're made of

I never forget that I am privileged to work on our on farm, and that this is the first year of the rest of our time building our business. Unless something really dramatic happens, I work for us, and for our CSA members from now on. This is an amazing and fulfilling dream. It is everything I could hope for, and more than I could have ever believed possible.

But there is always a flip side. The dramatic weather changes, and the budgetary constrictions along with some necessary equipment choices that lean heavily on brute force can be really challenging. I'm really frustrated with the slowness of this spring, brought on by some impatience and crazy rain on a weekly basis- then drastic heat. I'm thrilled with the fact that we aren't stressing about droughts or water transport. But I'm not pleased with the amount of planting that had to be shuffled, we still are in fine shape, but I'm hitting a feverish pace to keep it up in the midst of the weather and impending deliveries. This isn't a plea for sympathy, I'm comfortable with the choices we've made, and the work we do. AND I love my job. It's just acknowledging that this isn't easy, or simple, and it's okay to hit a wall. It's what they call "character building", it forces you to remain calm and keep the season moving. There is no choice, and that is  good thing. The force of the season keeps you focused. Because it's going to happen whether you are ready or not.

I'm speaking tonight at the Roe Jan library in town, on a panel with other new young farmers. I'm excited, and hopeful it will give me a little perspective. 

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