Saturday, July 14, 2012

Farm Bad Romance

I spend a lot of time in motion. Hauling, bending, lifting, walking, pushing, etc- so much so that the last hour waiting for my wife to get a hair cut has felt like four. Usually, when we stop, it's because we have run out of daylight- and probably energy. An average day is 4:30am until 8:30pm with breaks for breakfast and lunch (dinner at 8:30). This goes for 5 days (Saturdays start at 3:30, Sundays are done at 12:30). Even when you are completely fulfilled by the sunlight, earth, and feathered co-workers this can wear you out.

This week, we have been trying to focus on how we can (affordably) alter our infrastructure to get the most out of those working hours and try to allow some time for simple pleasures and some neglected necessities (ugh, the 2.5 weeks worth of laundry...). I feel good about our improvements, but it's still so hard to set those limits. We both feel so much pressure, admittedly much self imposed to do more and do it better. But we can't work harder at this point-- we have got to work smarter. And we need to take care of other aspects of our lives, our relationships. I feel like we have been struggling with balance since deciding to go full time this year. I don't want us to be those farmers who resent our work, or this chosen life. It would be horrible to hate what we currently love so much.

So I'm sitting here, waiting for Kim- trying not to obsess about what temperature the turkeys are currently at, or mentally calculate how many lbs of green beans I'd like to see for next week. After six weeks of deliveries, this morning felt smoother- and the sky finally heard the pleas of our bucket carrying shoulders and released some rain. So I will try to relax-- for the health of my ever running mind/muscles and the growth if our farm.

I think I need the assistance of a fine adult beverage. And maybe to get out of the Lady Gaga blasting salon. Sheesh.

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