Wednesday, July 11, 2012

rain, rain, COME TO COPAKE!!!

Rain is a four letter word at our house. At least the past few weeks....

BUT - here's the good news: we have a beautiful spring mere feet from our vegetable field, which has more "liquid gold" in it than we can use. We just have to get it to the vegetables.....

This is where my genius husband and super knowledgeable Aunt and Uncle saved the day (week, month, maybe even year?). We got a pump and some hose and hooked it up so we at least have water access at some point between our house and the field. This is over simplifying the 17 plus hours that went into finding, buying, setting up, tearing down, clearing out, shoveling out, etc... that went into getting that system set up. I wasn't the picture I have is much less messy than what actually happened :)

Next step: sprinklers so we aren't watering by hand.

I never in a million years would have thought that checking the weather would be something I did. I mean.....I can remember my grandfather checking the Weather Channel every hour (Local on the 8's!), just because. I now know that it was because he was a gardener in his later years, but a farmer for a good portion of his adolescence...and to farmers, the weather is everything. EVERYTHING. It's how we plan our days.

So, if you want the forecast, Ejay and I will know. I'll never be as good of a reporter as Kelly Kaposwki ( ), but I'm sure my forecast will include the phrase "but we sure could use some rain."

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