Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Greenhouse transformation!

We needed a greenhouse.

Luckily, the old house came with this closed in sun porch, with windows on all sides. But, it was still pretty dark. But it was also pretty clear that my methods of chainsaw carpentry may not be the best approach to something attached to the main farm house. So we hired a friend to help us, you should check him out on facebook at the Bensonian Institute for Art Research, he has an etsy shop too!
So we decided to take off the ugly ceiling and the roof!

Magic! Look at all that light!

And then, we replaced the old roof with polycarbonate panels directly adhered to the now exposed and painted beams.

Then, we painted all the walls with glossy white paint, to
protect them from the humidity and help reflect the light.

The next steps are to paint the floor black to help absorb the heat, and seal the windows with storm plastic. Yesterday, with the door wide open, it easily hit 90 degrees! We also need to collect lots of planters and containers until we can afford to build more permanent planting beds.

Here's to cold weather with winter greens and goodies!!

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