Thursday, September 27, 2012


The days are shorter, the garden is slowing. We are slowing too. We are a bit down with a cold, and trying to get things done in moderation. Next week is a big one on farm, our members are coming for a fresh chicken pick up. Many of them haven't been to the farm before. We are trying to finish our upstairs renovation so we can clean and use our garage more effectively for snack tables etc.

There is much to be done, while working on our bathroom last weekend we discovered a rather unpleasant water leak. We hope to have that fixed by this weekend. We need to finish the floors also, and finish the bedroom walls. The rhythm here is changing. I'm struggling to think about how our farm can grow and develop to allow us both to work full time, and be more efficient.

Now that the days are slightly less crammed with field work, we are evaluating the season. The chores are split now between the needs of the farmers (heat, securing up the old house) and prepping the business for winter (preserving, greenhouse work, and poultry).

This leaves little time for flu like colds so it's chicken soup, vitamin C and going to bed with the chickens ( 7:30) last night.

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