Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hallows'

There's a chill in the air, left over from the hurricane weather change. It's a whisper of autumn's second half, the darker twin. The golden leaves are mostly laying on the ground, the sky's grey sweater fixed with shorter days.

I've yet to take stock of what's left of the veggie patch, though its on the list for today. Halloween is spooky, scary fun but it's also allowing death to mean something. It's the act of accepting the quiet and the cold, so you can prepare for the spring to return.

We have an eternal spring now, in the greenhouse, a little sanctuary against the cold. I hate to force the seasons, but the sweet taste of a winter green salad overrides any opposition. The fresh greens do not grow in the same volume during the late fall or winter. So they must be savored even more, a quiet luxury of modern farming.

Today we let the somber come in, easy to do when visions of nature's war path litter mass media. We take All Hallows' to acknowledge all that we build, grow and create is as the mercy of decay at some point. I think in acknowledging this, we can better appreciate the light when she returns.

We will bake a pumpkin, light the jack o lanterns and probably sip a good October brew. I'm not optimistic for the knocking of small goblins in costumes but we have sweets ready just in case. I love Halloween, I like to walk along the darker side of the season. I hope you all have a hot meal and a dark beer ( if you enjoy such things). I also hope you a take minute to let the passing of the season mean something, or let some piece of small mourning come to the forefront. It may help that candy taste all the sweeter with its contrast.

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