Monday, November 26, 2012

Fair Share CSA scholarship

We are launching a big campaign today and need your help!

Our sustainably grown food is good, great even. But it costs more to grow, and consumers have to pay more to get it. We do what we can to make payments manageable and accessible. Now we want to do more.

We are starting a scholarship campaign to fund a full-year's share from our farm. Veggies, poultry, rabbit- all of it. There is nothing more healing then a good meal after a long day. We both know how it can be to struggle to keep ramen on the table, never mind sustainable organically minded food. We also have seen how discrimination and other factors have further limited the incomes of folks living with long term mental illness and/or physical differences. So this scholarship, should we reach our goal will be specifically promoted to those communities.

We have posted a lot about our recipes, our cooking tips, our farming tactics. But when it comes right down to it- this is what matters. Getting real, clean, good good to everyone.

Give a little if you can- and PLEASE spread the word. Thanks!

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