Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Side Dressing

Today's task is making cranberry sauce for the Thanksgiving delivery. We have been busy trying to process the rest of the chickens, we are close to the end now. The freezer is close to packed, we may need to borrow relatives spare freezers to store the last of the birds (not a bad problem to have).

We have been working to finish up some furniture moving projects and decorating tasks too. After 10 months, it's starting to looks like people live in the house, as opposed to just a storage unit for muddy jeans and work boots. It feels good, and it helps us fall even more in love with the farm.

All of the plans for next year are sketched out, waiting for more financial analyzing and details. In two months we will begin recruiting new members, so the details will need to be firmer by then. It's a balancing act, keeping share holders in all if the goods through May, while prepping for next year's season. Next year is bound to be another tough one, we have big additions to our production along with increasing the productivity of existing enterprises. But I'm excited, I think of how far we have come, and how much potential there is.

We are looking for a haflinger team, knowing it could take a while to find horses that are the right fit. We have been reworking budgets and financials to ensure we are prepared for such a big investment. We are hopeful to find a team a few months before we will need them to do any work, so we can build a relationship and have plenty of time to collaborate with trainers. I'm thinking we will be getting our piglets early in the season, they are excellent tillers. We will use them to prep the veggie field before the horses go anywhere near it. This way, the ground will be partially broke and fertilized. Plus, there is already electric line running there, so it will be a safe pasture will we set up summer pasture for them in the woods.

The ground may be just getting tucked in for winter's rest, but we are awake with plans and work!

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