Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Blitz

Full speed until the holiday, not much time to update. We worked a long day yesterday helping the farm I did an internship with process 170 turkeys. The are the model of processing efficiency over there, everyone worked and and all 170 were done by 3:00pm.

Our firewood stack is low, so despite some sore hands and wrists, cutting wood is on the must do list for the day. Baking for the holiday starts today, along with cleaning the house. CSA holiday delivery prep is in full swing and tomorrow I will pack potatoes, pick carrots and kale and organize orders. Along with CSA prep we have outside turkey orders to fill, Tuesday will be a blur of turkey processing and deliveries to Albany.

Around 12 on Tuesday we will deliver one of our turkeys to the Reform Church of Copake for their free holiday dinner. We managed to sell enough birds to cover our costs, so this is a small way to give back. We have big plans in the works to start our real campaign to make our food more accessible, so stay tuned!!!

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