Wednesday, November 7, 2012

They're predicting snow!

We love snow days on the farm, especially the kind that slow you down but don't set you back. The snow makes a farm look magical and clean, blanketing the manure and painting the backs of wooly residents.

A few things had to be done before we retreat inside to tackle the dishes. Extra grain for the turkeys, tending the chickens, hay for the rabbits and stacking firewood. I pulled some tools from the field and while I was at it picked the last of the sprouts and broccoli. I'm hoping the kale will with stand the snow enough for the CSA drop on Saturday, as the greenhouse is plugging along slowly.

I will pull the hoses in so they don't freeze, and do a bit more tending. I wish that we didn't still have meat chickens to worry about in the pasture. They will be ok, tucked under cover and clustered together. But it's just more evidence we planned too long of a season.

There is a good meal in the crock pot and plenty of laundry to fold. I don't mind the time inside, though by January I will be restless. For now the it's exciting, the air smells cold and sweet- a sure sign flurries are coming through that pale grey sky.

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