Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas is coming...

We spent the day holed up in our cozy farm house, while the wind wailed outside. Not a flake of snow or any significant rain fell- but boy was the wind mighty! It howled fiercely and ripped plastic off the windows in the greenhouse.

Things have died down a bit now, and all of the animals are tucked away under shelter. Dinner is roasting in the oven. We have short ribs from a neighbors farm, and baked potatoes and butternut squash from our own stores.

We spent the day crafting away for our holiday gifts. We usually make everything we give away, maybe only purchasing a trinket or two. I won't give away the surprise of what we were making, in case anyone we are related to is reading the blog. But things are coming along, down to the wire as they are. We usually have everything buttoned up by now, but the farm has been so busy that our gift making took a real backseat. Last year, all of the projects started in July- this year- early December.

It's a happy quiet evening here, good smells are pouring from the kitchen, and I'd best check in on dinner and perhaps enjoy a brew.

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