Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CSA enrollment is OPEN!

If you're dying to get in on some R'Eisen Shine Farm CSA goodness in the 2013-2014 season, now is the time to get the info! Our shares are first come, first serve- so if you want in- Don't wait! 

Below is a brief intro we are emailing out to interested parties, for the actual contract/pricing information send us an email at reisenshinefarm@gmail.com. Mention the blog and we will spare you this intro again in the email and cut right to the chase!

UPDATE! You can now find our CSA agreement here!

As you may know, our farm is a bit different from other CSA farms. We offer more choice in what your share contains and include a variety of items not typically included in farm shares. We want you to be as informed about our farm products, growing methods and general business policies. We are always open for questions and try to be accessible.

Our farm is a very small diversified operation in the Hudson Valley. We are introducing draft horses to our program this year, who will be doing most of the field work. We try to keep our fossil fuel consumption to an absolute minimum and did all of our plowing, cultivating, and farm labor by hand last year. We also use non-gmo feed, ordered from Hiland Feeds out of PA. We are not certified organic, but take a 'common sense' sustainable approach in our methods. We use companion planting, integrated pest management and avoid toxic products. 

We believe that our livestock program grows some of the best tasting meat out there, and we take great pride in using heritage breed Freedom Rangers for our chickens. What is a heritage chicken? Farmers throughout the world have raised thousands of different animal breeds and plant varieties. However, since today’s industrial farms rely upon only a few specialized types of livestock and crops, thousands of non-commercial animal breeds and crop varieties have disappeared, along with the valuable genetic diversity they possessed. We try to preserve agricultural variety and protecting biodiversity by raising “heritage” or “heirloom” animal breeds and crops. We focus on heirloom vegetables and find that the range of flavors and colors we get are worth the effort. 

A CSA is a big commitment, for the farmer and the customer. Farmers are agreeing to provide their products to a select group of people, on a regular basis with all the irregularities of agriculture. Customers are investing in a single farm, and sharing those same 'irregularities' of agriculture, along with commiting to pick up products on a weekly basis. Before you make a decision about our farm, or any others, here is a great link to check out:

If you are new to CSA memberships, or a seasoned veteran, it's a good idea to read through and figure out if our program is right for you. We want you to be as happy with our products as we are growing them. 

We email weekly with what products are available, and then pack your orders based on that. Below is a sample survey, to give you an idea of what that looks like:

Thank you again for your interest, and we hope to be growing for you soon!

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