Sunday, December 30, 2012

Farmer's "Vacation"

We've been taking a bit easier the past week, with the rushing of the holidays and the regular farm bustle finally catching up with us. We've had two decent snow falls, and that's made it easier to hide away inside with nothing but the wood stove to tend to. It's been relaxing, and helps me start to dream about next season rather than worry about it. 

It looks like the horses will be coming on the weekend of January 12-13. We're still waiting to confirm details, but it's looking good! I still need to run electric line on the fences posts I drove before the snow. It's probably a day long project, though I still need to purchase materials. That will likely happen this week and our neighbors mentioned they may have a spare solar energizer, which would be great. I'm nervous about the horses, just like I am before any big change or addition to the farm. Horses are a big responsibility, and we really are hopeful about their work on the farm. It's not nerves that feel overwhelming, but rather like the night before a big performance. You're hopeful, preparing and crossing your fingers not to fall flat on your face.

Noel and Lucia are recovering well from their disbudding yesterday, we expanded their pen this morning so they could better stretch and hop and skip. They were very appreciative and are quickly turning into the farm comedians. 

This morning our neighbors came up for a farm brunch. We chatted and sipped hot coffee over some fritatta and fresh bread with a side of jam and pickled green beans. It was tasty and relaxing. We're lucky to have some really wonderful folks who live near by, and we don't get to have them over as often as we'd like. After they'd headed back down the road we curled up to start looking at the seed catalogs. Ordering seeds now helps us ensure that we get our favorite heirloom varieties and the best selection of new seeds. So we usually start a few days before New Year's and then sit down on New Year's day to really hash it out. Seed ordering is all about potential, you picture fields full of all of these amazing plants, brimming with produce. In reality, some of these crops will totally fall flat. But that's alright-- because we will try another variety in it's place the following year. Eventually we will have a strong selection of seeds we know are pretty sure bets, and we can rotate in some of the fussier plants. 

Some folks spend vacations in far-away places, on beaches overlooking scenery. They drink tropical drinks and go out to eat. I'm sure it's lovely, but it's not super possible for us right now with a young farm. We huddle in the farm house and pour over seed catalogs. We drink beer, turn on the netflix and read up about horse care and baby goats. It's not for everyone, but it works for us. 

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