Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Introducing our NEW logo

We bartered a turkey for our new logo, which we absolutely love!

In other news, we have chicken and turkey available for sale for anyone interested. If you are considering joining our CSA next year, it's a great opportunity to try out our products before you sign up. For pricing and availability, please email us at reisenshinefarm@gmail.com for details. 

AND- not to make too early of an announcement but we are VERY close to finalizing a deal on a team of haflingers for our draft operation. More on this to come, but we it's exciting! We are also signed up for 5 months of driving lessons with our local draft enthusiast club and working closely with some more knowledgeable local friends. We have these really incredible neighbors who just dropped off a whole bin of horse items they aren't using. I spent all of yesterday cleaning out the half of the barn used for turkeys and building horse stalls. Things are moving quick over here!

Now I really better get to it, there is firewood to cut, fencing to move, and a barn in desperate need of cleaning. 

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