Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kim says...

Since it seems like more often then not, I'm the one to write the blog postings, I've decide to harass my wife into saying something on our illustrious blog here. I've decided to interview her, since it may be the only way to get her to comment.

How was your week on farm?

"You mean my work end? It's been fine. Aside from slaughtering chickens in the freezing cold on Friday, it's been delightful."

Is there anything you are looking forward to?

"I was looking forward to Christmas crafting but since my husband vetoed that, I'm looking forward to speaking with my uncle about a tractor. Also, ending the meat chicken season this week."

What would you like to see happen on the farm this week?

"What would I like to see happen on the farm this week. I would like my husband to have a good week. I think we need to put up some new fencing for the possibility of something big we aren't talking about yet. And I would like my husband to do all of the meat chickens so I don't have to."

What would you like for dinner?

"Cereal and goat milk."



What's your favorite part about winter farming?

There was no answer because my wife was singing a theme song. off-key. I'll spare you which one.

After a brief pause: "My favorite part of winter farming is shorter livestock chores in the morning because then you get to snuggle more baby bunnies."

There ya have it folks, the second half of the farm team here at R'Eisen Shine.

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