Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rabbit Chases Cat

This morning I went into the barn for usual chores. Yesterday I was out later than I usually am due to some holiday shopping and an evening celebration. The wind here is whipping mightily, and it's quite chilly. There is talk of snow but it feels more like cold rain out there.

Upon sliding open the barn doors I was greeted with quite the unexpected sight. Peering out at me from the opening was Walter, a chocolate brown Rex buck rabbit. He had grown thumbs overnight and escaped from his cage. I then watched him hop merrily up to the barn cat- a huge black cat named Rory who spends his evenings on rodent patrol. The barn cat, though twice his size- shrunk away like a coward. Walter, apparently thrilled at this discovery proceeded to chase Rory around barn floor for a good five minutes before I managed to lure them both with food.

I've seen this cat take out rodents and farm vermin nearly the size of Walter- but he never goes after baby chicks or other farm livestock. Either he knew not to chase the rabbit, or was frightened. Either way, it was quite the entertainment this morning!

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