Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowed In and the Holiday Recap

We're snowed in. And iced in. And basically not going anywhere until tomorrow morning....which is a good time to re cooperate from the Christmas blitz.
For these Eisen's, the holiday festivities took us up the road to Livingston on Christmas Eve to Aunt Pam and Uncle Bob's. Every year we head over to their house for dinner and presents. We brought cheese and shrimp ravioli that we made from scratch, and my cousin Becky brought alfredo. So delicious! We always do a round of present giving at their house as well, which includes "secret Santa" and what we call Silly Stuff. We got Uncle Bob in the present swap, and we gave him a Leatherman tool. The Silly Stuff included a pair of reindeer antlers for everyone, cookies, pens and pencils, funny goggles, and a lot of other useful and crazy items.
Ravioli and filling!
Ejay and Geoffrey, the best looking in the family. 

On Christmas morning, we woke before the sun came up to feed the new baby goats and the rest of the usual suspects on the farm. There is seriously nothing cuter on a cold, slightly snowy morning than a small goat kid bleating softly in the barn. It's about as close to the manger scene as I've come in a good many years.
We went inside after the chores, gathered all our presents and loaded the car with gifts and pork products from our good friends at Tiny House Farm in Grafton. We traded turkey for pork around Thanksgiving and we were going to have bacon for breakfast and ham for dinner. All this while still in our pajamas. You do not get dressed to go to the Layton Road Eisen's for the morning present routine. It's forbidden.
There are a lot of people in my immediate family, so it was a long morning of coffee, gifts and holiday cheer. We rushed back to the farm, prepped a turkey for the feast later in the day, fed the dogs and cats inside, got showered and changed for the second round at Aunt Debbies in the afternoon, and put on our coveralls to do the afternoon/evening chores.

We jumped in the car and headed to Red Hook for another holiday meal and one of our favorite new traditions: Christmas-Disney-USA trivia! The second annual high-stakes trivia game featured the teams of: Les Mistletoes, the Glitterbugs and the Mistle-hoes. To the left you'll find a photo of the Mistle-hoes, who took the trophy from last year's team of winners, Dr. Dreidel.

All in all, a hectic and beautiful holiday season! On to the new year and all of the amazing, crazy and lovely events it will bring with it.

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