Thursday, December 6, 2012

The pitter patter of Haflinger Hooves

We've signed a contract for a pair of mares! The full story will come soon, once the last of some chores are put to bed here and I have time to write the whole story.

They will be arriving on farm around January 19th, and we've already set up a stall for them where the turkeys were kept. We still need to run some fencing, and finish a little more work on their new digs.

We are so excited but also know that this is a huge undertaking, so we aren't taking this decision lightly. Horses are no small matter, and counting on them for our field work is something we've always planned to do, but getting to that point isn't a quick process. Driving lessons with the local draft club start next month, and we have some other resources we can count on to help us with the transition.

I would really like to start looking for a sleigh though...

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