Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's on the agenda?

Today I will be processing chickens. Well, correction, today and tomorrow I will be processing chickens. The season has stretched so long, partially due to the holidays and also admittedly because of some naive planning. The later season chickens have taken much, much longer to reach full size. It's going to be a long, slow climb to get the rest of those birds done solo- but it will get done. 

The weather is unusually warm today, though they're calling for a cold snap tonight. We were gifted a fantastic wood splitter by an uncle who noticed we'd been hand splitting all of our wood. I don't mind hand splitting, but damn if it isn't much faster by machine. With the worst of winter still up ahead, it will be much better to have much of the wood split ahead time and stacked neatly on the front porch while the snow falls. 

Pardon my not having much time to update today, I'll try to get a longer post once the fridge is filled with fresh poultry. 

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