Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The weather lately is odd. We have been pummeled with winds, and it's rather muddy. It feels much more like early November than late December. I'm very worried about a warm winter with no snow.

According to the farmer's almanac, we are supposed to get a good strong winter with several coatings of the white stuff. I know that long winters are unpleasant and a struggle. But we need the cold and snow to prepare the ground for next year. The cold kills off the plethora of pests, and after a plague like population this year- i would like to see some die off.

After a drought year, the snow could add valuable moisture and help the soil recover. All around, this warmth is unnerving.

Aside from that, I won't deny that a good clean coating of snow would do much for the barren manure covered chicken pen, and of course live up to our first Christmas on the farm expectations. I'd like to see the wood stove smoke curling amongst snow flakes.

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  1. I hear you I am worried too I got my butt kicked last year by flea beetles and voles and I know it was the warm winter last year that made them closer to a plague than there usually annoyance factor!