Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good reason

There is very, very good reason why this farmer does not stay up past 10pm, especially where adult beverages are involved. We had a farm-full last night of many of my college friends and their respective partners. It was a blast, we chatted, enjoyed a farm-raised turkey and sides and a few beers. Not enough to be rowdy, of course- but enough where when I slunk up the stairs at 12:30, warm from the company, wood stove and my share of beverages I was content but exhausted. I still had to keep the home fires burning here, especially with a good friend's baby sleeping soundly in the next room. I was definitely hazy during the middle of the night wood stove load, and this mornings chores didn't come easy. It's well worth the late night visits with friends I don't see often- but when the 6 degree hit my face- it made me curse and open my eyes a bit wider.

With the cold snap, it's important that we keep enough wood on hand to keep the place comfortable. Which means despite my exhaustion from too much play- I'm headed up to get the wood splitter running. Hopefully it won't be too cold to get it started.

Things with the horses are progressing. Admittedly, one of the girls has a bit of sass- so we've been working to establish respectful dominance over her to ensure safety and a positive working relationship. It's hard to believe it's only been a week since they arrived. It feels like much longer in some ways, adding the chores was only a minor adjustment. But building a relationship- that feels like a much bigger task. I'm realizing how much there is to learn as far as horse behavior is concerned. We both know basic, but horses have a really intricate psychology. I'm really grateful that we have several months to work with the team before the farm work really kicks in. As much as I would like to say we have hit the ground running- it's more like we've hit the ground... slowly inching. And that's a good thing. We want to do this right.

For now, I'll leave you with my alma mater's motto: Habere et Dispertire, which means "To Have and To Share"- if ever there was a motto to describe a farmer- that's it. We grow, we have but we mostly share. It's not much- what we have but it is good and honest. And it's made all the better by those we share it with.

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