Wednesday, January 30, 2013


As predicted, the farm is mud. everywhere. thick, messy, spring like mud. But I think that winter is just taking a break, and not near done for good. Still, the warmer temperatures has me sorting through seeds, planning to start some new good treats in the greenhouse. We are still relying pretty heavily on our canned stores, but I'm looking forward to a good crisp salad. There are greens that survived the very cold weather, but it will take a week for them to look their luscious selves again. Even with heaters, and plastic, and lights- the nearly full grown greens froze solid. Luckily, they are resistant to that kind of weather, but they certainly didn't keep growing through it.

Today, I tried my hand at pony pedicures. Our girl Nataya, has slightly softer hooves then Sunny so we were painting her hooves with a hardener and general maintenance coating. We noticed yesterday she had a slight surface crack after the cold snap, so I sent an email to Joshua, the fantastic farmer we bought them from. And here is the amazing thing about a small farming community- he didn't just send me a quick email back. He took the time to call me last night with step by step instructions on how to treat Nataya, and which products to buy. He then further offered to come down in the next couple weeks to help us work the girls a little. So today I rounded up Taya in the barn and cleaned her hooves. I took a file and wore down the crack a bit, putting a notch at the top of where it ended to kind of seal it there. Then I painted all of her hooves with the hoof care stuff. We also put both girls on a biotin supplement which we mixed in with a little grain. That will help with strong healthy hooves. Taya, as always was a perfect lady and patiently let me work on her feet for 20 minutes with no complaints. She really is a saint. So along with country sheep vet, we can add pony pedicurist to my list of titles. Happy to have it!

**Note- Today is the LAST day for the $25 cheaper price for our CSA deposits!! We can send you a pay pal invoice if you are still hoping to get in at the lesser price, but I'll need an email before midnight tonight. 

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