Thursday, January 24, 2013

Speaking Requests

Over the past year we've been asked to speak at a few events. We like doing it, and wanted to put out there into the world that we are open to doing more of this going forward. Right now, we have most of our experience on college campuses and other youth-based settings. So, if you're interested in having us speak we've prepared a little description of what we are best prepared to talk about. We don't charge, but do appreciate whatever honorarium is available (if there is one) and ask that our travel costs and a meal be covered (for distances over 20 miles from the farm). We will be booking events during the months of February and March each year. After that, farm life gets too hectic!

Some workshop/talk possibilities:

  • The intersectionality of social justice work and food advocacy
  • Food choices as a method of resistance
  • Living rurally as alternative community members
  • Building a non-profit with limited capital
  • Farming with hand tools
  • Sustainable agriculture focusing on heritage/heirlooms
  • Using social justice backgrounds in a-typical fields
  • Small livestock basics
  • Food preservation for the homesteader and small farmer
  • Introduction to whole foods cooking and baking

We're open to discussing topics not listed, if there is something you've noticed from our blog or otherwise you'd like us to present on please contact us.

We generally present as a team, but can also be available as individuals if the need is there.

For all speakers requests, please contact us at with the topic and the date! We will try to respond within 72 hours, and it's best to contact us at least two weeks in advance of your event. For events where overnight travel may be required, we need at least 3 weeks notice, more is better.

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