Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weddings and reunions

Today we are headed out of town for a wedding. It's an occasion to scrub off the farm dirt and polish up. It will be a good chance to spend time with old friends and celebrate. It's a formal affair so I'm dusting off a suit jacket to try and keep up with the glamour that is my wife. I'll be unsuccessful, but the effort will be appreciated.

A friend is traveling all the way from Seattle to attend, and then spending the week on our farm. She is a self proclaimed soft city slicker, but I hope to help her love the farm at least a little. I'm thinking Nataya and Sunny along with Lucia and Noelle can assist there. There is a magic here nestled at the bottom of the hill, I think even a girl from Seattle can appreciate.

I've got a turkey defrosting to mark the arrival of some college friends reuniting tomorrow after the wedding. We will have a farm full of friends. The quiet here will be permeated for a bit, a nice break in our much loved solitude. It's possible to love the peace and value a bit of chosen isolation and still welcome guests. When you build a more self sufficient contained world, one of the great joys is opening it up a bit. And there are few better ways to share it then over a delicious farm grown turkey.

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