Thursday, January 31, 2013

Windstorms and other miscellaneous topics

I put off cutting wood for too many days, so as punishment, I now have to cut in the on-again, off-again rain while finding time to butcher rabbits for this week's delivery. My own fault, so I've no right to grump about it. But there it is!

CSA sign ups are going well, so if you're still debating please email us so we at least have you in our radar. We will sell out, hopefully soon, and we don't want you to miss your chance. We definitely aren't full yet, though!

As always, the weather is our major topic of conversation. It's like a sea side out there today, heavy winds and spray. The wind howled so loud last night it woke me up. I stumbled down stairs to make sure nothing was blowing clear away, the plastic on the greenhouse is torn, again. I think we need to invest in new windows next year. The wind here just isn't suited to typical greenhouse plastic. I'm really glad that we decided to double up the panels on the roof too, so that they overlap and are pretty secure. I need to check the sealant though, looks like it is taking on a little water in the gaps to the house.

The horses' pasture is pretty drenched, but their stall in the barn is dry. It's a reminder that we need to build a bigger pasture as soon as the ground thaws enough to set a bunch of posts. Everyone else is ok, but muddy. The laying hens are huddled in the coop- they hate the wind ruffling their feathers. It's warm enough to turn off most of the lights in the barn. While we are processing several kits today, it looks like one of our does, Kiddy is due to have her litter any moment. That doe is so reliable, you can set your watch to her. I'm grateful that she didn't go last week, we may have lost the litter in the cold. I'm hopeful we have a nice size doe in one of the two litters that are butchering size now, we'd like to expand the rabbit operation next year. The cost of poultry grain is getting prohibitive, so we're shifting a bit to a meat that is born on farm and can be fed on farm too. We'll still supplement with organic feed of course, but I'm looking into building 'rabbit tractors'- moveable pens we can use for the feeder kits the same way we do the chickens. It's a little tricky, but I think it's worth a shot. I'll be posting pictures and tips as we go along. I feel like rabbits are an even better starter livestock then chickens for small farmers or homesteaders out there- so anything we can do to help you all along we will!

We're also going to be hopefully adding some new sponsors to the blog here, you've probably already noticed that we use google adsense on the right hand side. We LOVE writing the blog, and we think you all love reading it, too. It takes a good amount of time though, to write, take/post pictures etc. When the season kicks into full gear, we want to be able to continue the same quality and amount of posts. So if you'd like to buy an ad on our side bar, please send us an email for full details. It just helps us keep the internet and lights on to keep the blog going. Prices are very, very reasonable since our little blog is just really taking off- and we're totally open to bartering for goods or services we need.

Alright, the wood isn't going to split itself, no matter how much I whine about it.

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