Saturday, February 23, 2013


So last night, we slept downstairs by the wood stove. I washed our flannel sheets and they had hung dry, but by the time we slowed down from the hectic day- we were too exhausted to make the bed. A little sad, but true. We're about to hit the time of the year where sometimes I forget to eat because I'm so busy. I'm going to try and fix that this year.

Anyway, back to the story. Curled up, I could feel the intense heat of the wood stove against the top of my head. But for some reason, my face felt really, really cold. I got up, loaded the stove and dove back under the covers. I kept feeling a breeze on my face. I figured it was the wind creating a draft, sometimes that happens in the farm house. But this was more like sleeping under the stars.

When I got up, it felt really cold in here for the weather outside. I stumbled into the kitchen, and the door to the greenhouse was wide open. So essentially, the outside was inside on the farm. It must of blown open after the wind ripped the plastic off the door.

mystery solved, and thank goodness it wasn't a colder night!

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