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CSA Membership Sign-Up Form

2013-2014 CSA Share Agreement

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) connects people to their local food source. By joining R’Eisen Shine Farm’s CSA, you are entering into a partnership with the farm in which you share in the risk and bounty of each season. Your membership helps us pay for the early season costs of farming: seeds, labor, materials etc.

At R’Eisen Shine Farm Inc we take the idea of community supported agriculture beyond the vegetable growing season. Our year-round model harkens to a time when families received most of their food from local growers. In that vein, we offer seasonal produce and meat year round (primarily poultry and rabbit). As we expand, there will be opportunities to buy into dairy, sugars (honey/maple syrup), and a greater variety of meat.

We also differ from traditional models of CSA farms in that we do not specify which of any of our products constitute a weekly share. Our members can take what they need or prefer. Each week, you will receive a survey with our available products. We will pack your share according to your survey.

Our growing methods focus on sustainability and the ethical care of people, plants and animals. We believe that the animals we raise for meat should have respect and lives that mimic what nature has built them to do. We reduce our dependency on fossil fuels by minimizing the amount of tractors or other heavy equipment involved in our production. We are always open for questions and conversations regarding our methods- so don’t be afraid to ask!


The 2012-2013 year long CSA will run from June 2013 to June 2014, specific start and end dates to be announced according to the season.

Individuals: $1860 annually
This includes: An average of 2 chickens per month, delivered in halves or whole birds. Rabbit as it is available, about every 5-6 weeks. 1 holiday turkey, less than 15lbs (larger turkeys will be available for a small extra charge, a fraction of the price per lb). Seasonal produce and specialty items (ie: jam, dried products, frozen items etc). Please contact us for a full crop list if you’re interested. Discounted eggs when available--our sustainable eggs cost about $4.50 to grow, you can buy a dozen at $3.50 during pick-ups when they are available.

Couples: $3,060 annually
This includes: An average of 3 chickens per month, delivered in halves or whole birds. Rabbit as it is available, about every 5-6 weeks. 1 holiday turkey at any weight. A second holiday turkey will be available to couples at a 25% discount per lb of market price. (i.e.: 2012 turkeys were $4.75/lb- members would pay $3.55/lb) An average of ½ dozen eggs per week. Seasonal produce and specialty items (i.e.: jam, dried products, frozen items etc). Please contact us for a full crop list if you’re interested.

Sample shares based on last season are available upon request. Up to 2 children under the age of 10 are free. Contact us for pricing for older children or family plans.

Payment schedules and options

Individual Deposit: $200 if you sign-up by January 30th, $225 after that date
Couple Deposit: $375 if you sign up by January 30th, $400 after that date

Please select a payment option:

Weekly Payments:

Individuals: $33/50 weeks                                 Couples: $54/50 weeks

Monthly Payments: Choose this option and Save $30 annually with our monthly payment discount!

                                  Individuals: $136/12 months                              Couples: $221/12 months

Full Payments: Choose this option and Save $60 annually with our Paid in Full Discount, plus receive a farm-goodies gift basket full of our specialty items!

Individuals: $1800                                                               Couples: $3,000

We do offer work-discounts on a case by case basis. If you are interested, please contact us to make an arrangement.

Notice of Payment Schedule vs. Share Quantity:
Please understand that we break-up the cost of your share only for your convenience. It does not reflect the amount of product you will receive each week. Due to the nature of agriculture, you will sometimes receive much more in product than the weekly or monthly payment, and sometimes less. Over the course of the year, the value will even out.
Please initial that you have read this notice: _______

Add-Ons (Extras not included in our base pricing)

Extra Chickens: Love to eat chicken and can’t get enough? Members can buy extra birds at a discount. We retail chicken at $5/lb, member price is $4.50/lb.

5 extra chickens - $15 deposit Mark box for 5 extra chickens

10 extra chickens- $25 deposit Mark box for 10 extra chickens

Custom orders for special events or specific number of chickens are available; please contact us with your request.

Summer Turkey: Who says turkey is just for once a year? We love turkey all year long, and are offering a special summer-time batch this year. They will be ready between late-July and August (date announced later in the year). The price per lb of our premium, sustainably raised turkey will range between $4.75 and $5.10. The final price will be available about two weeks before delivery, which is determined by the variable cost of feed. We will be doing our best to keep the cost on the lower end of the range.

Summer Turkey Deposit- $25 per bird Mark box for turkey
Quantity of Whole Turkeys: _________

Rabbit: Rabbit is hard to come by, and we are pleased to include it in our shares on a regular basis. But, we do have some available for retail to spread around the opportunity for all to get some goodness.

Mark this box if you would like us to contact you when extra rabbit is

Pasture Raised Pork:
This is our first year offering pork!! There is a lot of information that comes with deciding to order pork from us, so for right now- just mark the box if you need the details.

Contact me with details about pork

Delivery Information:
Members will be responsible for picking up their weekly shares at the farm. Albany members will be able to pick up their shares in downtown Albany on Saturday mornings. There will be some deliveries throughout the year that will be on-farm only. We will give everyone at least 3 weeks of notice if this is the case. We only have mandatory on-farm delivery for especially large pick-ups- like stocking up on extra chickens before the winter.

During the holidays and winter-season, our delivery schedule will change based on the holidays and weather. Deliveries will be bi-weekly starting in November and running through May. Any changes to our delivery schedule will be posted on our Facebook, our blog and via email. If we have inclement weather concerns, we will notify you as soon as possible and do our best to increase your order or reschedule the delivery.

If you fail to pick up your share or give less than 48 hours notice that you will not be available to pick up, we will not be responsible for packing you extra items. If you provide notice, we will do our best to increase the amount of your share the week before or the week after the missed date.
Please initial that you have read the delivery notices _____

Contact Information and Signature Agreement

Name ______________________________________________________________________


Phone/ email ______________________________________________________________________

We will not share your contact info with anyone else or use it for any non-farm reason.

I agree to the full payment of the 2013-2014 share. If I pay under a payment-plan, I understand that if I decide to cancel before 6 weeks into my plan-year, I will owe for an entire month but not for the remainder of the season (deposit is not refundable). If I cancel after the first 6 weeks, I understand that I owe the balance of the year. If I have paid in full, it may take up to 60 days for me to receive a refund for the balance of the season as outlined above should I cancel before 6 weeks into my plan year. I understand that the contents of my weekly share will be different each week depending on the season, availability, and unforeseen occurrences. I understand that my weekly share will be filled with fresh high quality food.

Signature: Date:

Total Amount of Deposit Included:

Thank you for supporting local food and small farmers.
We look forward to feeding you!
Kim and Ejay Eisen

Please remit form and payment to:
R’Eisen Shine Farm
133 Under Mountain Rd
Copake, NY 12516

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