Wednesday, February 6, 2013


March to me, is when spring starts. There's still a chance of snow but it's plenty of decent weather to clean up all of the wind storm damage and leaves from the fall. There's the hen house to clean, and we'll be acquiring piglets to help start the first till of the vegetable bed. It's cold and windy and wet in March. But February, even with her shortened number of days is the longest month of the year.

It's too cold to start most of the seedlings in the greenhouse, still. They're calling for snow this Friday, enough that it may hold us up from making our delivery Saturday morning. The water bottles for the rabbits are still half frozen in the morning (though nothing like during that deep freeze). February is the month of worry, the month of waiting. We're marketing aggressively to fill up the CSA shares and trying to get all of our supply orders together.

Yesterday, we opened our pork ordering for the year! It's a new enterprise for us, but I've raised pigs at several other farms. We really love to eat pork, and are excited about offering it to. I feel good about our planned theories for raising pig also. We intend to plant gardens as part of their pasture rotation. These gardens will be full of pig favorites, cucumbers, turnips- stuff that grows easily without much tending. The gardens will provide extra feed to the pigs where the pasture isn't as lush. Plus, it will help us keep the horses working more than just our regular market gardens. If you want more info on our pork offerings for the year, email us at We'll be happy to send all of the info your way.

Today, I'm working really hard on not letting the flu take over me full time. I've felt off since yesterday, and I can not afford to get all-out sick. I'm not feeling too terrible, but just a little off. So I'll force myself to work on some of the tasks February demands indoors, and then cut wood this afternoon. February still requires a good amount of wood to keep warm.

So that's today- marketing, setting up orders, making follow up phone calls, eating soup, fending off flu, and cutting firewood. February.

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