Thursday, February 7, 2013

Living Rural

Well, the weather is calling for some serious snow. The amount of snow seems to increase by the hour. So as I mentioned yesterday, I had to cut a bunch of firewood. While I was finishing up cutting what was left of the pile, our neighbor stopped by. I've said it before, our neighbors are amazing. They're the kind of people you read about in idealized versions of the country- only they're real live human beings. That makes them all the more fantastic. Jon was concerned about our dwindling pile and has some downed trees in his yard. He also stopped by another neighbor's house and asked about some downed trees in their yard. They're all up for grabs. He knows we don't have a truck- so he went a step further. He asked our other neighbor (Wayne, who helps us with the goats) to help us at noon today loading up all the wood and bringing it back here.

When I say we don't live this life alone, I mean it. I often feel like there is a different kind of living in the country. We watch the weather, and check in on each other when there are storms brewing. We rely on each other a little more for survival- overlook things we may not agree with- because there aren't many people, you don't write folks off automatically. If Jon hadn't stopped by, we would have gotten wood another way. But he did stop by, and that's what makes this place special.

I intend on repaying their kindness with some chicken, and a solid thank you. It's the least I can do, and I like to give back as much as I get. The city, for me, always felt like so many individuals living individual lives- together, but separate. I know it's not like that for everyone. And I'm not going to make sweeping generalizations about living anywhere. But experiences like this remind me of why I prefer to living in a more country setting. Rather than the stereotypes of there being no one out here, and of isolation- I've found the opposite. The community here has absorbed us, fostered us and helped us. There are only a few houses on the road, and we help each other- because if we don't- who will? We may not always stop to chat, but we know the doors are always open and we notice each other's woodpiles.

When it fits, it fits.

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