Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I just came in from the woods behind the farm house. I've got a coffee mug full of my afternoon snack, oatmeal with maple syrup and milk. I've got another coffee cup filled with... coffee. It's not too cold out, but there is a good wind and the air is a bit damp.ITo'm in need of a good warm up treat. I was out there with a chainsaw and a sturdy cart that I use for just about everything. The wood pile was low, and there are some fairly easily accessible downed trees out back.

I'm eager for next winter, when I fell confident enough with the team that I can utilize them in our wood cutting operation. They can haul a much bigger wagon then I can, and pull huge trees down to easier locations. For right now, I wear knee high muck boots and climb through brush, cutting up small trees. Once I had them into small enough pieces, I fired up the splitter to break up the tree bases. There's a modest stack on the porch now. The weather has been warmer, so we aren't going through too much firewood- but it's not time to hang up the ax just yet. I'll need to cut more later in the week.

It's spring hectic around here, I was in the greenhouse most of the morning starting some early spring crops. I'm trying to grow some spring peas, turnip greens, lettuces, kale, radishes and scallions. I will be starting a bunch of crops in about a week's time, transplants for the season. I've ordered hay, placed an offer on a new to us cargo van and paid for two newspapers ads.

Tonight, I have a meeting of the Copake Farm land preservation committee. I was asked to apply, and recently was appointed. Before I go, I need to review the 20 pages of documents online, make dinner, do the dishes, lock up the hens, shower, hang a load of laundry....but first- this cup of coffee.

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