Thursday, February 28, 2013

On-Farm Pick Up Share- New!

So, you live close by and want to join our CSA but aren't sure you can commit to an every week pick up, or you're new to CSA farms, or some other reason....we've got your solution!!

For $930 (only about 200 more than a conventional CSA) you can get our NEW Local Bi-Weekly Share!

What this includes:

1 Heritage Chicken each month
1 Rabbit every other month
Seasonal Veggies (picked up every other Saturday)
Farm Jams and Specialty Items
Huge Discounts on your holiday turkey order! (last year, we sold turkeys at $4.75 a lb, for members of this program, we will work out a discount once we have a realistic picture of how feed costs increase. But it will be at least 15-20%)

This is only for people willing to pick up on farm!

This is a much lower commitment then our usual offers, and it's ideal for people who aren't sure they are ready to eat fully seasonally, or can't make a weekly pick up. If you're interested, send us an email for the full membership contract and details. We'll only be selling about 8 of these shares- so if you want in- let us know  SOON!

Interested? Use this form to Sign Up!

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