Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Show

The wind has been blowing through full steam, especially during our morning chores today. It's a cold wind, not the kind in spring that's heavy with rain and pollen- but the kind that feels like ice crystals are embedded in every blow. When it hits your face or hands fiddling with a chicken waterer, it burns a little, reminding you how fragile human skin is. We didn't let the hens out, it's too windy and the worst of the storm was supposed to arrive much earlier then it actually will. They're happier to spend the day inside with extra grain and fresh bedding anyway. Even Nataya and Sunny have made it up into their stall in the barn- which is how I know the weather is serious.

A lot folks get really upset and post on facebook when the weather is milder then expected, or later then predicted. I guess on a farm, it just matters in a different way. Survival isn't guaranteed for everyone who lives here. So we don't mind if things get cancelled, or delayed so that we can focus on the on goings. Sometimes those extra few hours gives a chance to do something we missed, store up a little more water or get out some extra grain. We're not alarmists, but we are very cautious. We'd rather have the weather reports err on the side of being prepared.

But then, it seems like we aren't quite out of the woods yet- the bulk of snow is supposed come tonight into tomorrow. Let it fall. A good ground cover will help planting in the spring- no matter the hardship now. In the morning we'll trudge through whatever heights we're dealt and get everyone freshened up for another day likely inside. The hens won't be able to wade through more than 3 or 4 inches, and even the sheep can't stand the wind.

Kim is dozing on the futon, and I just got dinner in the oven. Roasted chicken over some nice homemade stuffing. A good hot meal, on a good cold night. Two curled up dogs, and a couple of lazy cats. The barn animals tended. A cup of tea later and some freshly made cupcakes (god I love when Kim is home and baking). I think I'll work on turning some rabbit leather into warm mittens for ice fishing. I'm still hoping to get a trip in before the next thaw.

I wish you an evening just as sweet and simple.

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  1. It will come when it comes. I'm too old to have animals relying on me for their well-being and made the decision when the last cat and dog died off not to replace them. So my day, peaceful and meditative, was mostly consumed with clearing out old cold ashes into a snowbank and filling up the area adjacent to the stove with as much wood as I could bring in from outside - all last year's wood now and beautiful to keep a hot fire - what's been in my attached woodhouse is pretty well exhausted now so will be reserved for when it is too cold or slippery to go outside.
    Little traffic on this rural road tonight - everyone is hunkered down for the duration. Stay safe and warm