Monday, February 18, 2013

Trial Run

Today is the big day. We are going to hitch up Nataya (maybe Sunny, still haven't decided) and ground drive them ourselves. It's cold, so we're waiting a bit for the sun to take the edge off and cleaning up the farm house from a few frantic days of deliveries and meetings. There are various misplaced items scattered around, and quite the stack of laundry. Kim's office is closed today, so it's a good opportunity to catch up. The barn (as always) needs a good shoveling. We won't be doing much once we have Nataya hitched, just a bit of ground driving and familiarizing ourselves with the equipment. We've only got a few more months before we are in work mode, so we need to really start practicing.

Today is also a big day for Noel and Lucia, our little dairy kids- it's the last day of being bottle fed! We're going away later this week to speak at my alma mater, so we need to get them weaned for our house sitters (Kim's mom). They are certainly old enough, and sturdy enough. We dropped them down to just a supplemental one bottle a day about a week ago. They're noisy about the change, screaming at the injustice of being fed a lifetime's supply of hay and water only. But, them's the breaks. Time to grow up a little bit, little goats. Hopefully they will have been reduced to a dull roar by the time Wednesday rolls around and we're headed out of town.

This past week has been all of the management side of running a small business  the things that don't make for a very majestic blog post, but keep the trains running instead. I drafted an ad to be placed in a local paper for our year long shares. We would really like to get more folks from our community locally involved in the farm. We also started our paper work that will hopefully allow us to accept food stamps as payments. We're pursuing the possibility of providing a collaborative meat share with some other farmers to a customer base that we don't serve ourselves. We're still working out all of the details, but it would be really great to create a group product that helps us get more product out there and share the work of making that happen. It's the kind of thing we've long wanted to participate in, but there are a lot of 'ifs' involved. So we are just be cautiously optimistic and planning the best we can.

Speaking of business- if you still plan on buying a share for next year, the time is NOW. We need to get folks in as soon as possible. So please, please let us know if you're still planning on joining us next year. And in case you've forgotten, the reasons are many to join us: farm fresh chicken, turkey, rabbit, eggs, pork and vegetables are all available. We try to use the best, most sustainable methods in all of our endeavors  and you get to read along with our successes and mishaps here. We try to be transparent farmers, so you really can know where your food is coming from. And it tastes good too!

I'm sure that our first run with Nataya will be an experience worth reading about, so we will update (hopefully with pictures if we can multitask) about our first time hitching, probably tomorrow.

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