Monday, February 4, 2013

Why Not Wish List

If there is anything I've learned over the past year, it's that you need to put your needs out into the universe and then wait to see what happens. You work towards your goal, but make your intentions very known. Last year, written in blue magic marker was our wish list of projects and/or tools/supplies. As we got through them (and we did, though slowly), it was with great satisfaction that they got crossed out. So, here is a list of things the farm needs and is working towards acquiring. If you have leads on any of these, please email us at Later in the year, we'll re-assess where we are.

We're selling our 2001 Chevy S10 truck. It's not running, needs work. We don't want to fix it because it doesn't make sense for us to invest money in a truck that can't do what we need it to. (It's too small for our farm needs now). It does have a cap, and a bed liner and not a ton of miles (I think less than 150,000) for a farm truck. It would be a great tooling around the city-steader truck, or small farm truck. $1500

We're looking for a cargo van. As long as it runs solid, we're not too concerned about looks. We need it for deliveries. Ideally, it would have towing capacity so we can use it to move our horses if need be, bring pigs to slaughter etc.

In reference to the above, we're looking for a very small livestock trailer. This is more of a long-term need, but we need to start looking now.

We're also looking for larger water storage tanks. We need them for our drip irrigation set up. Ideally, we need a total of 300 gallons worth of storage. But it doesn't need to be all one tank. We're also looking for drip tape, if anyone has some that they are looking to unload.

Our chainsaw kicked the bucket, and it's a very valuable tool on farm. So it's on the list.

Rabbit cages, lots of them. We're expanding the rabbitry and will need more cages. Wire would be fine also. We are also always looking for hog panels, combo fencing, T-posts, and chain link panels. Always.

Draft horse equipment: we need a small plow, disc, and manure spreader. All for a small team (13.2/13.5 hands)

Shop Lights. We use them in our greenhouse.

That's the short list for now. We are always watching craigslist and the other sites too, but figured it couldn't hurt to put it up here. At least, it helps us stay organized at the very least. I wonder how you all out there are doing, are you making your budgets and materials lists?

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